Friday, June 12, 2015

The Lion and the Unicorn and other Nonsense Rhymes

Call this the Flannel Friday redux.  I first uploaded this little guy to Pinterest last summer, but every so often I try to do a Nonsense-themed storytime, incorporating poems from Edward Lear, Lewis Carroll, and other nonsense verse.  I love using them to talk about Phonological Awareness.  During one of my preschool outreach visits, I had a little girl ask for a rhyme about unicorns and I only know one...  So I made a little flannel set to go with The Lion and the Unicorn.

The Lion and the Unicorn
The lion and the unicorn
Were fighting for the crown
The lion beat the unicorn
All around the town.
Some gave them white bread,
And some gave them brown;
Some gave them plum cake
and drummed them out of town.

(Sort of a loose interpretation of a plum cake, don't you think? Though I am insanely proud of the lion. :D )

I used the set a few times in my weekly Babies Program--I can't say it was particularly well-received (not like the parachute)--but we uses the instruments to "drum" and it provided a good jumping off point for dialogic sharing  (What sound does a lion make?  A unicorn is like a horse, with one big horn at the top of its head...).  

A couple preschoolers immediately wanted to know what happened to the unicorn.  I (quite shamefully) had forgotten enough about the origins of the rhyme to come up with a clever response like, "He went back to Scotland!" 

Other Nonsense Rhymes and Songs

There Was an Old Lady of France by Edward Lear

There was an old lady of France,
Who taught little ducklings to dance;
When she said, "Tick-a-tack!" they only said, "Quack!"
Which grieved that old lady of France.

The Queen of Hearts
She made some tarts,
All on a summer's day;
The Knave of Hearts
He stole those tarts,
And took them clean away...

Hey Diddle Diddle
Hey! diddle, diddle,
The cat and the fiddle,
The cow jumped over the moon;
The little dog laughed
To see such sport,
And the dish ran away with the spoon.

Why Do Bunnies Have Shiny Noses?
Oh why do bunnies have shiny noses?
I ask this question again.
Oh why do bunnies have shiny noses?
Cause their powder puff’s on the wrong end.
Wrong end, wrong end;
Their powder puff’s on the wrong end.

"Purple People Eater" by Sheb Wooley can be found on A Child's Celebration of Rock 'n' Roll

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